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August 12, 2013
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September 17, 2013
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Do You Speak The Language of Insurance Coverage?

A recent study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University demonstrated that an overwhelming majority of Americans (86%) do not understand basic health insurance terms such as “deductible,” “co-pay,” “co-insurance,” and “out-of-pocket maximum.” This is a very high number. Only 14% of those surveyed could define the terms and understood how they applied to calculating their expenses. In another “blind” study, knowing these terms did not necessarily mean that the person actually knew if they were a part of their own insurance policy. We don’t want to make you feel badly; this stuff is confusing. It works for us to have you understand, and while we can’t take responsibility for teaching you, we can direct you to resources that can help. Also, you can call your representative and have them explain this to you. Be a member of the 14%!

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