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Do I need $400 Sneakers?

The Futurecraft 4D from Adidas is an example of new technology "putting the right foot forward".


What can we learn from $400 sneakers? People often experience pain when going about their daily affairs. This pain is often directly attributable to – you’ve got it  – shoes. At least, shoes are a big part of it.   Shoes support more than your feet. Fallen arches and postural/gait changes like pronation and supination create a domino effect that can proceed right up your spine leading to low back pain, neck pain, and even headaches. So this begs the question, do we need $400 shoes? The new technology is developing – the $400 Adidas Futurecraft 4D being a great example. We can view this as a learning experience and watch it develop.


The feet are a part of a kinetic chain of linked mechanics that involve both your standing posture, your walking gait, and your overall spinal balance. We often see shoes that are collapsed, worn out, overstretched, and essentially mismatched. The point is that footwear is important, and can really make a difference for people. We are standing, walking and running on our feet every moment that we are not sitting or sleeping. That’s a lot of time. In the same way that putting a mismatched tire on your car will cause your steering to pull, and challenge your suspension, sub-par footwear will contribute to back pain. And those of you who have come into the clinic have heard me talk about insoles and support making a big difference.

And for some of you with “functional back pain”, we have molded you for custom orthotics made that have changed your game.  Others have purchased a commercial standardized orthotic that has helped. Often, this step along with chiropractic manipulative therapy and conditioning exercise provides the necessary change.


But $400 sneakers?  The Adidas Futurecraft 4D is actually fairly cool next-gen technology. The footbed and midsole (including the arch) is laser-printed directly to a scan of your foot using a liquid technology. The midsole is designed to propel you faster, jump you higher, spring your step, and fit like a slipper.  In effect, the custom Futurecraft 4D will be built right in the store in front of you. Cool, right?  Is it ready, and will this be worth $400? This is a good question, but again, this technology is just beginning. The point is, the concept of an engineered midsole is so perfect for you that it will add a lot to what I prescribe for back pain solutions in future. Check out the concept, think about the implications, but don’t necessarily run out and spend this money yet. Let’s talk about it in a specifically focused and targeted appointment. Make an appointment here. Make sure you bring your well worn “favorite shoes” in with you when you come.




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