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July 8, 2008
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July 29, 2008
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Why am I always stiff in the morning?!!

Consistent stiffness in the morning, unrelated to a current injury, is a sign of joint breakdown, which in medical terms is an arthritis, in one form or another.  Everybody tries to get out of this one, (“Oh no, not me!”) but that may just be the way that it is.  The joint cartilage has begun to break down, and flexible tissue stiffens up….which creates tiny debris in the joint and swelling. When you move, it begins to break up, and while movement restores, there is often some pain and stiffness while it is happening. The body replaces the broken down cartilage with bone deposits rather than more cartilage, and miniature spurs, lips and crusts begin to form on the joint. These deposits basically don’t move or slide as well, and they aren’t flexible.  What can we do about this? A common misconception is “It’s all over for me, all I can do is deal with it!” or “I am doomed to pain and impairment like my parents were”. That’s just not the case. There is a lot that a chiropractor can do to help you, and a lot you can do for yourself.  The first thing is helping you understand what is happening, and maybe diagnosing the type of arthritis that we are working with (there are 100 different types, but “Osteoarthritis” is the most common). Set up an appointment with me and let’s discuss this much more flexible future of yours!

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