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August 31, 2010
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October 15, 2010
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Shock Absorbing Footwear

I have been being asked to comment on which shoes for shock absorption. Before I do that, remember that  “flip flops” remain “totally out of there” for all postural and biomechanical issues, including “overweightness”. Flat bottom “wafer” soles that are like little cardboard or plastic sheets are not helpful either.  What you end up with here is a slam-slam-slam “repetitive microtrauma” every time you step. However, this post is about shock absorbing footwear. The goal is getting a sneaker/running shoe/trainer (whatever you want to call it) onto your feet that will cushion you, at least in the event of or to prevent a plantar fascitis (sole irritation) or a bone bruise or spur on the heel.  I tried a number of these out recently and I choose the ASICS Gel Nimbus 11, an ultra-light, ultra-gel running/training shoe that is an excellent support shoe but really cushions. Yes, you may not be able to sprint through the deep forest and climb trees with these, but please, are you really doing that during the week? You have foot pain! Unfortunately, these cost between $80 and $105, but I think they are worth it and may carve off one less appointment…with ME! Wait – maybe you should not buy these shoes…  talk to me at your upcoming appointment!

Here’s a look at them. Don’t mind the color, you can find almost anything except white… http://www.zappos.com/asics-gel-nimbus-11-zappos-exclusive-lightning-black-lime

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