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March 29, 2014
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Robo-Hand Chiropractic?

A South African carpenter, who had actually lost his fingers in an accident, is now making mechanical arms, fingers and hands for others using a three dimensional printer and thermoplastic. Once the pieces are ordered, in a kit that costs as little as $2000, the pieces can actually be assembled at home, making a Robo-hand prosthetic available to people at a very low cost. The plan is to begin working on entire legs that will allow people to walk, and perhaps in the future an entire exoskeleton, allowing paraplegics to be able to walk again. Chiropractors can assist with the body mechanics to retrain these devices. The prosthetics in the thermoplastic hand or arm, for example, are controlled by the muscles remaining in the wrist, elbow, or the shoulder. Chiropractors factor into such a treatment plan because using these body parts to drive others will create new balances and imbalances that a chiropractor can help manage. Patients selecting a chiropractor for such a task would want to look for a biomechanical specialist, or a chiropractic orthopedist.

Original source as reported on CNN.

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