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Returning to Full Effort after an Injury.

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Back In the Ring…Or Squat

After an injury it’s important to gradually increase your effort level from a safe baseline. Returning to full force too rapidly can have disastrous consequences. Safety in progress is the name of the game. For example, an a patient typically squats with 100 pounds, but injured himself lifting the bar with 110 pounds about nine weeks ago. Blue Heron has been treating the area and implementing coaching exercises to build strength. The patient is almost there, at 80% or 80 pounds.  During the patients next workout they squat with 90lbs. The question is posed, if 90 is do-able should the patient push to 100 lbs, or even 110?

What I will typically tell any patient is that any increase should be gradual. Let’s go up by an incremental amount with a rest period of at least one day between each increase. If your safe increment is 10 pounds, take six days to get to 90-100-110. Furthermore, there is no reason that your increments need to jump by 10’s. Most importantly, allow for a day’s recovery between each series.

Prepare for Success

Condition your body for performance. A gradual ramp back to your previous baseline is the superior method. You may find that you temporarily have to accept a lower base level because of lost training time. Fear not, as soon as the injury is healed you can begin building back to pre injury levels.

During this re-training period it is important to get adjusted. In conclusion, as your chiropractor, I will work with you like an athletic trainer. Almost all of the professional teams out there have chiropractors on the medical staff. Some chiropractors are even the medical directors!  Let’s review your goals and go over a treatment plan at your next session. Click here if you are not already scheduled. 

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