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Using Mushrooms for Pain Control
September 4, 2023
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Frozen Shoulder and Menopause Case Study
September 27, 2023
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“No Time for Exercise” – Here are three 7-minute Go-To Routines.

Three 7-minute workouts that can jump-start vitality when time is short.

A lot of patients tell me they simply don’t have enough time for adequate fitness. Some of you even have a gym, but can only get there one or two days a week. If you are saying “No Time for Exercise” – Here are three 7-minute Go-To Routines.  If you can budget a mere 7 minutes, you can exercise your core, your abdominals and your upper body in turn. You can fit these in between longer sessions, or use them to start your vitality plan.  I have chosen workouts that will be accessible even to some of you with pain. These three free workouts, by YouTube influencers, are available to you on your cell phone or any device with Youtube. If you are not yet ready because of an injury, we can create work-arounds to get you started. Problems that pop up we can tune and customize at your next appointment. 

Simple Standing 7-Minute Workout

Chris Jordan’s “Simple Standing 7-Minute Workout” is an excellent way to get a little exercise into your day. 12-exercises, 30 seconds each, with a few repeats and variations. Chris holds a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology with distinction from the Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom, and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Biological Sciences from the University of West England in Bristol, United Kingdom. Prior to joining the Human Performance Institute, he was the Fitness Program Consultant for the U.S. Air Force in Europe. How’s that?  Click through to this video which addresses upper, abdominal, and lower body. If you have “No Time for Exercise”, this is the one. Read some of the comments! You can do it. 

7 Min Flat Stomach Workout for Women & Men

The full title of this one is “7 Min Flat Stomach Workout for Women & Men at Home – Exercises for Flat Stomach to Lose Belly Fat”. That’s a mouthful but hey  – isn’t it great to think about those results.  These guys have a whole series of excellent exercises that cover the entire body.  In this set, my favorite move is the “Kick and Chop”.  I am going to use this one to strengthen those obliques, and remember- you can be more shallow with these if they are too much. Here it is now

7-Minute Full Body Toning Workout

This is an awesome workout which is a part of an awesome series. The Svelte series is from Exercise Specialist Meredith Shirk and it is fast and good energy. I personally would have worked with her on that “Svelte” name so we would more easily include all of our bodies, but at least a portion of the meaning of Svelte is “elegant”. Use this workout to work on your inner form and grace; she’s got good energy. Here it is.

Questions, Difficulties? Let’s Customize

We want to make this work for you and so we can customize these for your current level of performance. Some of these movements might have to wait until later in your treatment plan. The point is, you can get some serious physical fitness into 7 Minutes. You can move exercises from one workout to another to make a 7-minute treatment into 10 or even 20. I would treat at least the individual one as a “core” workout and add or substitute. Let’s go over them. Schedule your appointment today.

Is Blue Heron Chiropractic masking for COVID-19 at this time?

My next blog will probably be about Covid again since the new variations showing up are causing a lot of people to get sick. Rather than be lulled into a false sense of security, the Doctor is going to mask for your session. I am scheduled to be getting the newest vaccine next week, along with the flu shot. (Left arm, right arm…) We remain protective for folks who are immune compromised, have “Long Covid”, or need special considerations. A patient can wear their own mask at any time, and If you would like a mask and don’t have one, we can provide it.  If you have flu-like symptoms, are sneezing or coughing or blowing, we may provide you with a mask, so we can continue to serve you better. Wait for the blog later this week. You can access Chiropractic safely and securely at Blue Heron Chiropractic & Healing Arts Center, with Dr. Dana Sibilla, DC DABCO FIANM.

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