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Is there a Chiropractic Flu Shot?

Dr. Dana Sibilla at Blue Heron Chiropractic encourages your yearly Flu Shot.

Is there a Chiropractic Flu Shot?

Flu Season always brings up the question about “The Flu Shot”. Is there a Chiropractic Flu Shot? No,  although there a bunch of “Flu Shots” to choose from. A question also typically arises whether or not chiropractors support vaccination. Occasionally chiropractors with an agenda propose to speak for the entire profession and say that chiropractic is anti-vax.  However – as a profession- we certainly are not. Chiropractic is about optimization, about “fine tuning” and about “nuance”. Chiropractic is about taking a closer look. For example, after listening and some consideration, we often make small adjustments that create big results. What chiropractic is about regarding vaccination is both about informed consent, and self education.

If you are someone that simply does as they are told – without ever asking why – then you don’t need to read this. If you don’t mind being told “don’t ask any questions”, then this will not make any sense to you. For those who like to know, and choose… read on.

Aren’t Chiropractors Against Vaccinations?

No! Doctors of Chiropractic simply suggest that people be informed about not only what they are being vaccinated for, but what actual vaccine is being used. We are against big companies simply telling you what to do. For example, some people read up on the vaccine programs, some check for recalls and alerts – such as more side effects with one or the other. Maybe you don’t want a certain vaccine or a product from a certain manufacturer, you want something special, or you don’t want a combination shot. The point is, you have choice. The point is, it’s ok to ask. Anyone telling you to just “shut up and get your shot” is forgetting that doctor also means educator. Some of us don’t mind talking about this stuff.

But getting vaccinated for flu? Chiropractors want you to be protected. Here’s a good reason to choose immunization for flu.

Do Chiropractors get Flu Shots?

Yes. Today I went into Walgreens in NE Portland. They had a station set up for flu shots, which you can get at no cost on most insurances, or they offer a discount. They also have a respectable “Get one – Give one” program, where your shot pays for another shot in an undeveloped country. Interestingly, when I asked the pharmacy assistant what shot they had, she said “Quadrivalent”. The Quadrivalent, or Quad, is the recommended one this year, and was the one I was looking for. When I asked about other types, the pharmacist informed me that some Trivalent vaccine was released this year but all the Walgreens in Portland had the Quad.   The brand of Quad it was, and the manufacturer, printed up on the paperwork.  In case you were interested, my shot was Fluarix Quad by GSK.

While Walgreens only has Quadrivalent, that does not mean “they are all Quadrivalent”.  In actuality, there is a Trivalent, a Recombinant, a Cell-based vaccine, a high dose vaccine and a Live Attenuated Nasal Spray.  Of course, not all are available or appropriate for everybody and not all are on the shelf at Walgreens. But the point here is to advise against relying blindly on market forces that say things like “you don’t even have to think about this – just get the shot that we tell you to”.  I would suggest you even call ahead – and if they can’t or won’t tell you – just go somewhere else. Lots of places have these shots – even Costco.  

What is the Shot Like?

The flu vaccine is not as viscous (thick) as some injectables, and can be given with a smaller, finer needle. The shot is delivered intramuscularly – typically into the deltoid muscle of the arm. Most shots are really only a minor owie if anything. Often, there is not even a drop of blood. Today, my shot took 15 minutes, with no appointment.

How does Blue Heron Chiropractic help with Flu?

Your physiology, your vitality, and by association your immune system are all supported by full-spectrum chiropractic. Blue Heron also suggests getting a flu shot. The flu shot adds the season-specific immunities to that miraculous immune system of yours.

So I got my shot, and I “Gave One”. Did you get yours? The ideal period to get the shut is typically by the end of the month of October. Yes, you can still get them after today, and now you can be informed. Here are some other links that provide all sorts of reading material to get you educated. While we are talking about all this, let’s do some chiropractic fine tuning on your body, and improve your vitality to boost your immune system. We can also have a spirited discussion.

Blue Heron Chiropractic specializes in understanding both Old pain and New pain, Vitality, Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery and Work Injuries. Finally, if you have questions about how Dr. Dana Sibilla and Chiropractic can help you, or about exercise, optimal function, pain or pain management, schedule an appointment today. 

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