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September 26, 2018
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I Am Not Really In Pain!

Pain can be a lonely experience if you cant talk about it.

Why You Might Feel Reluctant to Discuss Pain

Patients may be reluctant to discuss pain. It’s not unique. In reality, I am constantly meeting people who are seeking immediate care while simultaneously telling me “I Am Not Really In Pain!”.

Because there are a number of reasons you might not want to describe discomfort as pain, this is worth talking about. These reasons are more specifically described as “psycho-social factors”. In some cases, you might want to be stoic. A stoic is a person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining. We reward these people with lead roles in action adventure movies. But understating pain complaints may even have been a benefit or a survival technique during your childhood – or even now. In some cases, you are concerned about being a bother to others.  Stigma may also apply – you might not be considered “tough enough”, “hip enough” or “cool enough” if you are in pain.

Therefore, you may feel that it is simply a bother and you “just want it to be over”.  A person may be utterly cautious, fatalistic (“This is my lot in life”) or simply in denial.   There may even be some depression.

Why is Not Describing Pain an Issue?

If pain goes unrecognized or unacknowledged, people become at a greater risk for pain-related crises. accommodation techniques like self-medicating or distraction techniques often put people at the brink of becoming chronic pain candidates. How many people do you know who privately “smoke a little Cannabis” every day to help with ongoing pain? Besides that, if pain is not adequately described in a clinical encounter, the chart becomes confusing and credibility issues can appear. Both family members and your providers might not understand exactly what you are going through.

So what’s to be done? How can we make a difference?

A peer-reviewed study by Social Workers observing pain patients suggested that it is extremely important for providers to inquire up front about how comfortable patients are about discussing their own pain.  Blue Heron Chiropractic uses tools to help you objectively describe what is going on. We help you rate it in a way that works for you, and allow your situation fit into an evidence-based perspective. 

How is Blue Heron Chiropractic going to help?

At Blue Heron Chiropractic, we are committed to understanding where you are coming from. Putting it simply, we want to get you the care you need. We have a quiver of straightforward ways to help you easily describe what’s going on. Chiropractic is ideal for this issue because we spend the time communicate with our patients. We ask questions about pain, fitness and function, and at Blue Heron Chiropractic, we take fitness and function very seriously.

Why Blue Heron Chiropractic?

As a Chiropractor in NE Portland, Blue Heron Chiropractic is a full service Alternative Healthcare clinic featuring modern and effective chiropractic and chiropractic orthopedics, massage, exercise rehabilitation and natural medicines on Northeast (NE) Broadway in Portland, Oregon. Directed by Dr. Dana Sibilla, we treat new pain and persisting pain, auto or work injuries. We also boost performance and add to Wellness and Vitality. Furthermore, we integrate well with almost all other providers. We manage wellness and treat a range of conditions, from back pain to whiplash to migraines to fibromyalgia, sciatica and joint pain.  Finally, if you have questions about how Chiropractic can help you, or about exercise, pain or pain management, schedule an appointment today.

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