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Drink Water for Healthy Joints – and Life!

Your body can’t live without water.  Water delivers oxygen and nutrients to cells, flushes toxins from organs, regulates body temperature, keeps your skin moist and – (especially important in our context) – cushions your joints. Water is what makes your disc joints flexible. Drinking enough water can even keep your appetite in check. Bonus!

Problem is, some drinks that “contain water” actually are NOT beneficial. So what should you drink that won’t sabotage your health? Plain water is still your best hydration choice: it’s calorie-free and devoid of additives.  Additives in water change the way your body processes it; tea, for example, contains water; but it is a diuretic and makes your body lose water.

A good way to figure it is, decide if your drink CONTAINS water, or IS water.  Or look, just go with water, ok? If you want flavor, add sliced lemon or citrus fruit, crushed mint leaves or a splash of pomegranate or cranberry juice.  Someone really charmed me the other day at a party, with ultra-thinly sliced CUCUMBER in the water. Classy. Or make ice cubes from 100 per cent fruit juice and add two to a glass of water. Watch out for the sugar.

Sparkling water, such as club soda or mineral water, is another option, although a little more expensive. Despite the myth that carbonated water robs calcium from your bones, there’s not a shred of evidence to support this.  If mineral water is your main source of water, be mindful of sodium. Naturally occurring, sodium is listed on the label in parts per million, equivalent to milligrams of sodium per liter. Suggestion: go with “VERY LOW SODIUM”. Drink up!

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