A full services Chiropractic Clinic at 1934 NE Broadway, Portland, OR, with a NE Portland Chiropractor, Massage Therapists, and other services.  Call us at (503) 280-9759.
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Whiplash Injury, Motor Vehicle, Worker’s Comp, Sports, Strains and Sprains, Headaches, Scoliosis, New & Old Pain, Joints, Muscles & Nerves, Graston, Massage, General Health & Wellness Chiropractor Portland Chiropractors Portland NE Portland Chiropractor 97232

We can help you access many different insurance benefit plans, including Kaiser, Providence, Blue Cross / Blue Shield (BCBS),  Regence, Moda/ODS, Healthnet, Aetna, Cigna, Progressive, USAA, State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, GEICO, Sedgwick and American Specialty Health, to name a few. Of course, all these plans have variations. Call for others – this is just a sample list. We also have competitive self-pay fee pricing for services.


Blue Heron Chiropractic & Healing Arts Center was established in 1996 to provide quality chiropractic care Doctor Sibilla, a “mixer” chiropractor, blends together “hands-on” Diversified adjusting technique, Flexion-Distraction technique, Impulse and Activator instrument adjusting, Full and Light-Force therapies, Cranio-Sacral release, and uses Evidence-Based concepts from the Croft Protocols, Trigger Point therapy, Gonstead listing protocol (limited), Activator technique, all within a context of Chiropractic Orthopedics., massage therapy, Graston Technique, psychotherapy counseling services, and access to integrated acupuncture services for Northeast Portland, Southeast Portland, North Portland and the Metro Area including the Pearl District. We serve all of Portland, Gresham, and Vancouver.  On a weekly basis I see people from as far out as The Dalles, Oregon City, Hillsboro, Salem or Battleground Washington.

Our central location on NE Broadway just below 21st near Lloyd Center is easily accessible from every neighborhood including the North Portland, NE and SE Portland, the Pearl District, Lloyd Center, Irvington, Hollywood, Laurelhurst, and Beaumont neighborhoods. We are one minute from SE Portland, and accessible by Tri-Met. We are served by the Tri-Met bus lines #9  and #77 (the #73, the #8, and #12 run nearby) and we also often have patients use the Tri-Met Lift-program. We are within walking distance of the Max Line RED line.

Our aim is to provide as much personal one-to-one attention as possible; we are not a “high-volume” clinic. Whether your problem is a car accident injury or bicycle knockdown, a lifting injury at work, or day-to-day pain, stiffness or discomfort, we have treatment plans that have been proven to serve patients well. We have on-call staff that are fluent in Espanol.

We treat a wide range of conditions. Whether your problem is back and neck pain, shooting pain or numbness and tingling, weakness, vitality issues, migraine headaches, temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) problems, carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, recovery from corticosteroid injection therapies, scar healing, issues before or after hip or knee replacement, foot orthotics, kinesiotape questions, yoga and exercise problems, diet and weight loss consultation, nutritional issues, or second opinions on x-rays or conservative treatment plans, and many more. Fill out the “Request Appointment” option and get an answer about what options can apply to you. Overall health maintenance, weight loss, sleep improvement, and vitality coaching is what’s next after we get your primary issues under control. Read some reviews of people who “got it”. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our treatment plans supplement chiropractic with moist heat modalities, massage, and exercise as often as practically possible. We have ultrasound, Electrical Stim, Cold Laser, and Graston release as well. I provide counseling on nutrition and ergonomics whenever it applies. I help integrate what’s going on simultaneously with your other doctors into an understanding that works for you. We work with your insurance benefits to try to get you what you need.  Every appointment includes some long-range counseling and direct work with the doctor.

Doctor Sibilla uses state-of-the-art diagnosis  – within a professional chiropractic orthopedics perspective  – while simultaneously providing you with a full range of health services.  We use Digital X-Rays. Digital X-rays are now state-of-the-art, but not necessarily at smaller clinics that take their own. Digital films allow us to zoom in, focus, and take digital measurements. We refer X-Rays out to an advanced facility, whose professional radiologists can then make your high-resolution images immediately available to other providers, even if you are someplace else in the world. and MRIs in our most difficult cases and we will advocate for you if needed. We can refer patients for complete lab testing, orthotics fitting, or medications reviews. Our referral network of providers includes Primary Care Providers, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Physical Therapists, Internists, and Pain Management Specialists, as well as Naturopaths and Acupuncturists. Dr. Sibilla will help you coordinate your pathway through all these specialists, if needed.

As an Attending Physician, we can supervise a treatment plan on a case and coordinate referrals and timing of different aspects of a care plan. When we use doctors that are within my network or referral circles, records exchanges occur easily. Often your appointments can get priority because of my ability to communicate directly with the specialist.