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April 9, 2011
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July 2, 2011
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Food is significant to me, and to a lot of my patients. I wanted to tell you what I found – and have been eating for breakfast for 2 monhts.  Greek Yogurt, nonfat, specifically – is amazing if you want a snack or a meal that controls calories, decreases fats and boosts protein. In the page of Cook’s Illustrated I am looking at, the decent ones average 17g of protein in 6 ounces! Taste, smoothness, chalkiness, and sour/tang varies, but the Greek Yogurt that I can get at Trader Joe’s seems like one of the best, and ZERO fat.  Oikos from Stonington Farms was decent, and I think we got this at Fred Meyer.  At the same time, the ones “not recommended” were described as “wicked sour” and some, “weird, metallic and awful” – well, the first two were not awful. I add a spoonful of Agave syrup, but you could also use Honey, and I sometimes (often) cheat and add a tablespoon of decent  local organic fruit preserves.  A sprinkle of granola is fun, too, and adds some chew. Alternatively, substitute nonfat Greek Yogurt for sour cream with Mexican dishes and got to town. Enjoy.
Oh yes, and that article in the May/June Cook’s Illustrated really rates the brands very nicely, and I agreed with what I read and tasted!

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