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June 11, 2016
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Core Strength and Car Accidents?

Crunch Time

What do elbows have to do with core strength and abdominal crunches? How do either relate to car accident injuries? First, the position of your arms while doing abdominal crunches for core stabilization is super important. Many people don’t realize that arms over head, arms across chest, arms stretched toward the toes completely changes the amount of weight your upper extremities add to this leveraged exercise. How does this factor into car accident recovery? Well, a strong core protects you against injury and expedites recovery. If we can strengthen your core after injury, you will not only heal faster, but stronger. In my experience patients with stronger cores tend to have less damage to the lower back following a collision.

Here’s the takeaway. Abdominals exist in “packages”, like two rows of cans, hence,  the “six pack”. Forget about elbows behind the head for a moment, put your palms on your same-side shoulders. Now, aim the elbows for the first group of crunches to a point below your toes – maybe the ground under your heels. The next set… at the mid-foot. The next, at the toes. It’s like you are sliding the elbows towards them, horizontally. With each direction, you will change which six pack row you are activating. Try this one, and then let’s talk about it at your next appointment. If you don’t have an appointment, make one now!

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