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Oregon Deemed Safe In Nerve Injection Recall – Blue Heron

Nerve Pain Injections

A number of nerve pain patients come to my chiropractic practice in NE Portland. Some have had injections of corticosteroids by neurologists or pain management specialists. Comparatively, some, during the course of their recovery, get corticosteriod injections by a medical doctor. Patients whose pain can not be managed by traditional options often choose injections.

Whiplash accidents, low back sprains, disc slippage, and compression injuries can all cause nerve damage. Motor vehicle accidents and even every day lifting can cause nerve damage. Injecting the nerve sleeve or disc wall with a corticosteroid or cortisone derivative can reduce pressure and swelling, decreasing radiating pain.

Recall Scare

Recently, shipment of corticosteroid injections were contaminated by a fungus. Because when injected into spinal fluid the corticosteroid produces a meningitis infection. As a result, the nerve injection could have fatal effects. Because of the recall of these steroids (injected after July 1, 2012 ) by the pharmacy that distributed the product, I checked into the distribution of the lots involved in the recall. According to the Associated Press, they do not include Oregon.

Steroid injections are a common treatment for inflammation related pain. Used to treat back pain, spinal injections reduce inflammation.  Consequently, only patients who received spinal injections since July 1 are at risk, and especially relevant, no patients in Oregon.  If you have any doubts or concerns, call your injection doctor. In conclusion, if I can help you with this, please schedule an appointment. Finally, I can get authorization to review your records and help you contact your physician.  Contact us for an appointment today!

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