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July 30, 2015
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Chiropractic and Space Travel

Space Travel - or any type of travel - sets up special needs for care.

I know you were waiting to hear about this one. It turns out, six months of weightlessness (ie. on the Space Station, or on that trip to Mars that you have been planning to buy from Virgin Galactic) apparently will create a 17% loss of neck muscle capacity – specifically you won’t be able to holdyour head up. There is more to be read into this study – the only muscles tested in this trial were the neck – so basically, you would be losing muscle mass and integrity all over your body.  Turns out, that time in space also created 5cm of torso lengthening, disc herniations, muscle atrophy and back pain amongst crew members. The astronaut or Space Tourist of today is the chiropractic patient of tomorrow – unless we have ongoing chiropractic attention. Click here for a glimpse of a dystopian future accurately described in the movie “Wall-E” (2008) and keep your chiropractic appointment!

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