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Car Accident? Call Your Chiropractor

Icy roads and frost can lead to car accidents in Portland.

Winter Woes? We Have a Plan for That

Car accidents and winter weather go hand in hand. As a result of the recent record snowfall in Oregon,  a number of our patient’s were involved in motor vehicle accidents. Were you or someone you know involved in a winter related accident? Studies show that a visit with a chiropractor can help.

Read on to discover more about how chiropractic care can treat and heal injuries.

Firstly, if someone crashes into you, chances are that insurance will cover the cost of care you need to recover. Consequently, if you are the only driver involved in the accident care is still available for you! Finally, if you an at-fault driver, you are also entitled to treatment. Regardless of how you incurred your injury, Blue Heron will work with you to determine a plan of care.

In addition, if there is no insurance, we can and will provide you with reasonably low cost treatment options.

At Blue Heron Chiropractic, we build treatment plans using approved guidelines. Using advanced techniques and equipment we provide superior care. We believe in empowering patients through choice and transparency. Whatever your needs, Blue Heron has a plan for you. Call (503) 280-9759 or request an appointment today.

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