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January 14, 2012
Be Square on the Elliptical
February 6, 2012
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Can we live robustly until our last breath?

David B. Agus, MD., is a world-renowned cancer doctor who has written a book called THE END OF ILLNESS. It’s quite a phenomenal collection of wisdom about revising the way we think about our health. He makes some amazing suggestions about how certain “shortcuts” to health could be shortchanging our health,  how sitting down most of the day can be as bad as or worse than smoking, how daily inflammation can lead to heart attacks, and about applying caution with supplements and vitamins. The book has been reviewed by Al Gore, Lance Armstrong, Murray Gell-Mann PhD, and described as “Brilliant”.  David Agus once paid for the pizza when we were hanging out one afternoon in Connecticut. Today, I thank him again for dishing out something really valuable. I am loving this read.



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