Bodyblade   Core Stabilization / Endurance / Rehab Exercise Device

Bodyblade trains the body naturally as do many other natural forms of exercise such
as swimming, cycling, rowing, gymnastics or running. With these activities, you
increase speed, drag, body angle or intensity of work to make the difference in
required resistance. Since the flex of the blade and your body combine to give you
the ultimate resistance equation, following these simple rules will insure your

FREQUENCY: Make sure you exercise 3-5 times a week minimum combining
     strength, flexibility, muscle endurance and cardiovascular training.

     INTENSITY: Increase the flex or amplitude of the blade during exercise and
     increase the workload or resistance to your body. Much like adding heavier
     weights to a weight stack. 1a) Move the Bodyblade further away from your
     body to increases the leverage and resistance even further. This is done by
     extending your arms slowly away from your body center.

     TIME: Increase the amount of time you exercise when working out. Begin
     where you can and progress to at least 60 seconds for each exercise. Think
     about time relating to sets and reps in traditional strength training methods.
     The longer you exercise, the more endurance your muscles gain.

     TRAINING: Train for strength, endurance, interval or wind sprints, and