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January 10, 2013
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Affordable Insurance Issues – COVER OREGON

Yes, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a big deal; it’s all about affordable insurance. This is the push by our government to make insurance available to all – and maybe even control the outrageous costs of insurance.  At Blue Heron Chiropractic, as a NE Portland Chiropractor, we are members of many healthcare “Panels” including Aetna, Blue Cross, Healthnet, Cigna Providence, Regence, United Healthcare (UnitedHealthcare), Pacific Source, ODS, Kaiser, Health Net and others.  Here’s some good news: the plans I just listed, among a few others, have applied to be a part of  COVER OREGON, an insurance exchange that will open in 2014. These plans will be open to individuals, small groups, and employers currently below 50 employees.

These plans are going to be competitive, and you can choose amongst them. They will compete side-by-side, by offering you lower prices. While I am concerned that this may look the same as the CELL PHONE carriers “competing by offering the lowest prices” (don’t get me started there…) it will be a lot cheaper than the 21.6% increased cost in the employee plans we saw this year!!!  Let me ask you… could you pay $180 more a month for insurance for your family? No way.

You already are paying enough for your motor vehicle accident insurance (PIP) plans, and your Worker’s Comp (Work Comp) is coming out of your check each month… and if you have had a car accident, or a work injury, you know how critical it is to do it right so your benefits can be paid and you can recover! Neck pain, Whiplash, pinched nerves and low back pain are a pain in the neck!

SO. hang in there. I am going to be trying to install a feature to help get information out to you about this… check back with me at your next appointment. If you don’t have an appointment set up… Make one!

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