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Everyday Pain

Chiropractic Care for Stiffness, Headaches, Lifting Injuries, Home, Gym, Elite Sports Injuries, New & Old “Stuff”

Car Accident

Injuries as a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian in a car accident require special chiropractic attention.

Work Injuries

Injured at Work? We can help you get the chiropractic care you need, and navigate any necessary paperwork, etc..


Living a Vital and Healthy life requires Preventive Care with some “Minor Adjustments”

  • JB

    JB, Beaverton, CEO - Back Pain

    "Great place! I sprained my lower back and came here and was very impressed with the professional service. I’m feeling much better now and recommend Blue Heron for anyone with back issues needing immediate care or assurance."
  • BG

    BG (Portland/Vancouver)

    "I have received excellent care from Dr. Sibilla and his staff. Thank you and your entire staff are true professionals."
  • MB

    MB (Gresham, Construction)

    "Just left this office! Most doctors are late, these guys were on time, thorough, friendly, and professional!"
    Gresham, Construction
  • ZV

    ZV (Portland, Student) Severe Injury

    "Recently, I took my son in who had run head first into the wire of a chicken coop in the dark thus jarring his neck. He was in severe pain and clearly couldn't move his neck/head.  We went to see Dr. Sibilla and what may otherwise have been a frightening or painful experience turned out to be immediately effective and positive. So, if I can trust my health and that of my son in the hands of Dr. Sibilla, what else is there to say?"
    Portland, Student
  • GS

    (Portland, Extreme Sports Dude)

    GS - An extreme sports athlete states: "Dr. Sibilla is a true professional and super enthusiastic about his work. Not only will he work to correct your current source of pain, he'll give you options to strengthen contributing weak areas within your body. In 26 years of seeing a chiropractor, he's probably the most knowledgeable one yet."
    Portland / Extreme Sports
  • AS

    Car Accident

    Thank you so much for your amazing care. The car accident experience was pretty jarring and I truly felt someone cared and was on my side. I truly appreciate your treatment. Your compassion shows in your work.
    Advocate, Portland
  • Jeff F
    I was surprised how much better I actually felt the next day. Great results. I am looking forward to my follow-up treatment.
    Jeff F


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