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The "New" Newsletter - Issue # 21 Winter 2007

WHAT'S NEWS AT BLUE HERON: We are continuing our successful new newsletter format. The plan is to give you a taste of interesting information here in this mailer; later, we will have more content on the website at We are relying on the Website more these days as many more of you are getting Internet access. At the clinic, to supplement my chiropractic "adjustments", we are providing additional services like Low Level Laser Therapy, the Swan Neck Trainer, massage, heat or ultrasound in many of our treatments. Our OTC Medicines and Supplements offerings are expanding. The SimpleCare plan ( makes discounting non-insurance visits to $37, $48 or $69 possible and allows you to get the care you need. You can even use this if you have a high deductible. Call for more info.

DR. SIBILLA'S BOARD CERTIFICATION? In August, 2006, I became a "Board Certified" Chiropractic Orthopedist. Chiropractic Orthopedics is a branch of orthopedics which seeks (by non-cutting techniques) to prevent and correct deformity and dysfunction, in order to preserve and improve the function of bones, muscles, joints and their associated nerve apparatus when these are threatened or impaired by defects, lesions or disease. I now hold a Diplomate certification in this discipline, after three years of post-graduate study and a year preparing to take my exam. Less than 6% of all chiropractors hold this advanced credential. Thanks for your patience, patients!

YARD AND DRIVEWAY CLEANUPS CAN BE CHALLENGING! A lot of people think you can only get injured if you have an "accident", or you do something "wrong". This just isn't the case. Everyday activities can simply overload your body, sometimes without warning. Yard cleanup projects require raking, bending, reaching, lifting and carrying, some of which use muscles that may have not have been exercised - that way - for weeks or months. Hints: Break The Project Up - Minimize Twist when carrying or scooping - Pivot on your feet rather than twisting - Be careful with "heaving" when hefting or tossing into piles - Bend your knees rather than bending at the waist. Warm up with stretches - Rotate your tasks to avoid repetitive movements; Rest frequently and relax with a drink of water. If you feel a jab, snap, or pop, this is an ICE pack injury not time for a HEAT pack. Problems? You know what to do. Come see me.

HEADS UP, ROADS ARE SLIPPERY IN THE RAIN. Driving is dangerous these days. Drive carefully. Don't "push your luck" - the other guy already is. If you have a motor vehicle accident, we can help you plan your recovery. Please call us. We have a lot of resources.

MASSAGE GIFT CERTIFICATES make great gift ideas. A Massage gift certificate is $55 for regular and $85 for massage plus Hot Stones.

UPCOMING WINTER HOLIDAYS AND ICE: Dec 25 is a Monday and so is Jan 1. We will be closed those two Mondays, but on the following Tuesdays! Please utilize the clinic, we will be available. In case of Ice Storms, Please call the clinic and see if we have a storm message. Otherwise, we will be there!

TRAINS, PLANES AND AUTOMOBILES: Holiday season is coming and a lot of you are traveling. Airplane seats, unfamiliar beds, heavy bags, and long car rides are some of the things my patients often complain about. Don't forget helpful ideas like not overpacking your bags, using rolling carts, getting a neck pillow for sleeping on a plane, calling ahead to check the quality of a bed (a hotel can often get you a firm mattress on request), getting up and moving around, even on an airplane, or at a rest stop. See me before you leave and after you return.

DOCTORS! I am now within a sophisticated referral group of partner doctors both DC and MD. If you are an active patient, and need lab testing, orthopedic or internal organ surgery, casting for broken bones, ear/nose/throat, family practice, neurological testing, I can help you get the doctor you need.

HOW TO HANDLE A MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT: If you have been in an accident, we can help. Chiropractic care can help restore proper alignment, release muscle spasms and return you to function after motor vehicle accidents. Every treatment plan includes exercises and movement strategies. My mission is to release you in a better state than before your accident. We will get you X-rays if needed or order your Emergency Room records directly. We can refer you for casting broken bones or even for neurosurgery. We have massage therapists that complement the gentle, specific chiropractic manipulative therapy we provide. We can help you understand your insurance benefits.

REFERRAL CREDIT PROGRAM! "NO COST" HEALTH CARE! I We offer a visit credit for each person you refer into this clinic. I would be honored to treat your friends, relatives and co-workers. You will receive a notification coupon card in the mail to use within 30 days. We have patients who never pay for care, as a result of word-of-mouth! Thank you for your referrals!

Blue Heron Chiropractic & Healing Arts Center features body and mind-centered services. Dana Sibilla, DC is a Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist and specializes in health care with orthopedic & rehabilitative focus. We have vitamins and natural medicines, Licensed Massage Therapists, Acupuncture, and Individual / Couple and Family Therapy. MASSAGE GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE

The highest form of compliment is the referral of your friends and family. Thank You!