January 20, 2018

Chiropractic – Making Wise Choices

Wise Choices This is part one of a three-part series about making wise choices with chiropractic. It’s my goal to help you see that your decision […]
January 9, 2018

Are Chiropractic Tables all the same?

Chiropractic tables are not all the same. A chiropractic table is intended to be more than a comfortable flat surface. It’s actually not about soft padding […]
January 2, 2018

Rib out! Doctors Need Chiropractic Too!

About a week and a half ago, I was moving something around and I felt a sharp pain in my back, behind the left shoulder blade. […]
January 2, 2018

Car accident? What to do!

Accident Care We get a lot of requests for guidance and care following a car accident or motor vehicle crash. You have had an accident and […]
December 15, 2017

Lifespan versus Healthspan

The Concept of Healthspan Vitality is the component of life that makes it live-able.  Vitality is the life “voltage” that makes the lights brighter, the wheels […]
November 23, 2017

When it Comes to Blood Pressure, High is the New High Normal

The Pressure Is On…High High normal blood pressure is a term of the past. Readings previously deemed high normal are now regarded as just plain high. […]